Life gets crazy for all of us. Whether it’s school, work, or personal relationships, there are challenges and difficulties at every turn. We get it. The problem is, when things get hectic, your plans to go to the gym are usually the first thing to be sacrificed. After a long day, it can be hard to motivate yourself to travel to the gym, do an hour-long class, spend 30 minutes on weight machines, wait for a shower and then journey home …and all that’s dependent on remembering to bring your gym gear.  What a drag. So how does one get the endorphins and all the benefits of a great workout without having to set aside so much time for it on any given day? The answer lies in a training program that is efficient, convenient and effective – which is exactly what Ritual Gym offers.

The benefits of a great exercise routine are more than just improvements in your physical wellbeing. Here are four reasons why regular trips to Ritual can change your daily life for the better.

1. Regular routine provides structure to life

A regular exercise routine helps you to find some structure and normalcy to your life. With all the chaos swirling about an individual’s life, regular exercise becomes the rhythm to the week and makes it easier to find a groove in life.

In addition to better sleep, regular training can help you feel sharper and more prepared to take on the day. You’ll feel stronger and more resilient – not just physically, but mentally. It’s also easier to stay positive about life when you get that regular stimulus.

2. Time to clear your mind

During a training session, your focus turns towards executing the workout effectively. You are tuned in to your breathing, form, and intensity. Your mind focuses on the workout and draws it away from other thoughts. The 20-minutes spent training helps provide some peace and quick access to a brief state of clarity, patience, and control. It’s almost like that short, intense, calculated struggle helps put your bigger life struggle in perspective, making it more manageable.

3. Improve productivity

Getting a workout in for the day means that regardless of what you do for the rest of the day, you have already achieved something and are already more productive that most people. Research has also shown that physical exercise helps stimulate the development of mitochondria, which all cells, including those in the brain, use for energy. That means a workout also keeps you mentally sharper, and ready to tackle what’s to come.

4. Give a sense of satisfaction

In the short term, getting a workout done provides a sense of immediate accomplishment and satisfaction. In the long term, having fitness targets are something to work towards and an even greater feeling of contentment.

These achievements help put you in a more positive frame of mind to deal with your relationships and other challenges at work and at school.


Be Brave,

The Ritual Team