Suzy has been a client for over 3 years, and recently passed the 500 session mark! Her consistency has really paid off, and we’re so thankful to have great people like her train with us. Check out her interview below.

Suzy, what keeps you coming back so consistently?


Simply because it works!  I’ve always been into health and fitness but the Ritual way is the only way which has helped me become the fittest I’ve ever been, as well as make me think much more about health in general.

What is your favourite pod and why?

Always number 7  – I am a creature of habit!

Which type of Ritual session makes you go “Damn it” when you see the chalk boards?

Anything involving a combination of push-ups and pull-ups……and any set more than 20 secs!

500 Sessions…what the hell is wrong with you?! 😉

I’m a glutton for punishment – and did I mention I’m a creature of habit?

Which specific exercise do you love/hate the most?

Love mountain climbers and burpees; hate push-ups and pull-ups.

What’s your favourite shake?

The Fire Bunny!

Who wins, you or a small bear?

Me, of course!

Do you reckon you could deadlift Shrek?

Erm……..maybe a cat or a small child.

How do you juggle the stress of work, exercise and rest?

Exercise is my de-stresser and helps me keep work stress in check; I have to have at least 7 hours a night’s sleep or I am a nightmare!

Do you ever have days when your energy is super low? How do you cope on those days during a session?

Yes – usually on a Monday.  I usually push myself harder on those days as I know I’ll feel so much better afterwards.

How do you feel about yourself, compared to before you came to Ritual?

I am in better physical shape in my 40s than I was in any other decade of my life, and that’s awesome for me!

Do you tend to push level 3s all the way in your workouts?

I am mostly level 2 in my strength, but cardio-wise, mostly level 3 – although I am scared of tuck jumps!

Do you think Shrek is scary?

Not with those dimples!