A strong and long-lasting body needs to be built on a solid foundation. When it comes to laying a strong base, few exercises are more beneficial than the squat. The squat trains the muscles and movement patterns responsible for running, jumping and kicking, amongst other things, and provides you with a stable base for all types of sports and activities.

Thanks to exercise science, there is an abundance of research available showing us how important squats are for building strength, power, and mobility.  In addition, and perhaps more importantly, squatting well can also help counteract some of the common chronic musculoskeletal issues we face today, such as weak glutes, poor posture, and knee pain.

Every time you squat properly, you demand a lot from your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, and if you’re using additional load, you also challenge the upper body and core musculature, thus making the squat one of the greatest “bang for your buck” exercises available. This likely means greater gains in functional strength while accumulating a greater afterburn effect, and encouraging a hormonal environment that is conducive to staying lean and strong.

In the video below, we walk you through proper technique and show you a couple of variations to the squat that we do at Ritual. Don’t be surprised if good squats help you hit the ball harder in tennis and pick your kids up with less effort – a strong foundation is beneficial in all types of activities.

0:04 –  The Squat

0:33 – The Weighted Squat

1:03 – The Jump Squat

Our bodies are designed to do these movements, but if you haven’t done them in a while, take your time to build up a strong foundation first. Be patient, be consistent and just start squatting. As always, if you’re unsure about technique or are interested in learning a new progression safely, come to talk to one of our coaches – we’re here to help.

Be Brave,

The Ritual Team