Another one of our members just crossed the 500 session mark! Think of this – an average of 3.2 sessions per week, over 10,000 minutes of training time and probably somewhere around 50,000 burpees…we caught up with Nick to chat about his experiences with Ritual.


Nick with his 500 club t-shirt…

Nick, what keeps you coming back so consistently?

Undiagnosed mental illness. Seriously though, one of the big things that keeps me coming back is the closeness to my office. I learned long ago that if I could give myself an excuse to not work out, I would. So I deliberately picked a gym that was nearby.

Did you deliberately copy Nas’s hairstyle?! 🙂

I styled my hair after my grandfather, who was bald since I was born. Think of it as a preemptive strike against genetics.

What is your favourite pod and why?

Whichever pod has a pair of hanging rings that suit my height. Because pullups rock.

Which Ritual workout makes you go “Damn it” when you see the chalk boards?

I’ve never actually said “damn it” before, during, or after a workout. I do, however, silently curse when people have entire conversations in the middle of a workout. Makes me want to punctuate their conversation, with a cattle prod.

500 Sessions…what the hell is wrong with you?!

I have issues.

Which specific exercise do you love/hate the most?

Pull ups and weighted pull ups. It’s a love/hate relationship.

What’s your favourite shake?

Harlem Shake. Sorry, I like the green shake. Can’t remember what it’s called. [Nick – it’s called the Earth Goat!]

Who wins, you or a small bear?

In a cute contest, I would lose. Fur sure.

Do you reckon you could deadlift Shrek?

If Shrek screamed at me enough, I think I could.

How do you juggle the stress of work, exercise and rest?

I don’t think I could juggle it at all if I wasn’t keeping up with my fitness. Still working on getting enough sleep though. I’m told it’s a pervasive problem in Singapore.

Do you ever have days when your energy is super low? How do you cope on those days during a session?

Sometimes I come into the gym after about 3-4 hrs of sleep. Those workouts are tough, regress when depressed.

How do you feel about yourself, compared to before you came to Ritual?

I reckon the biggest change has been gains in strength and the friends I’ve made along the wacky way. What I perceive to be a limit is often more surpassable than I imagined.

What progression have you achieved? Are you level 3 all the way?

Depends on whether my joints feel up to it. These days I go with Level 2s especially for the plyometric exercises. Niggling shoulder injuries don’t play well with clap pushups.

Do you think Shrek is scary?

If I could use a fruit to describe Shrek, it’d be a durian. Looks scary, may smell offensive, lethal to some, irresistible to others.

Congrats again Nick for being the first to enter our 500 Club! See you in the gym!