It’s often said that all great things start in the mind. However, therein lies the explanation for many failures that we see around us on a daily basis. Know someone who could achieve so much if they would only change their mindset? We all do. Maybe it’s you. If you apply that observation to the desire to be fitter and healthier, it becomes self-evident that a fitter and healthier you starts in the mind. Want to ultimately achieve your workout goals? Here are four essential steps to get your mind in gear.

Just show up

The only workout you regret is the one you don’t do. Here at Ritual, it’ll take up only 30 minutes of your day. That’s just 2% of your entire day. Remember, that leaves you with a solid 1,410 minutes to do everything else.

Studies have shown that for effective and lasting results, the amount of time spent in the gym has no bearing on the end result. In fact, with the right exercise format, a few minutes is all it takes to get the same result as a 90-minute gym session.

1. Accept that you won’t always feel 100% ready.

It’s perfectly normal. We’re all human. Some days you don’t feel as well physically or mentally. Strength is proven by how you overcome obstacles. You will definitely feel better after a session.

The ‘all or nothing’ mindset is good in theory, but for most people, it is simply unattainable to feel perfect and push yourself to the limit regularly. Instead of focusing on feeling 100% and going all out every time, listen to your body and adjust how hard you train according to how you feel on any given day. Pushing yourself too hard is a certain recipe for burning yourself out or, even worse, injuring yourself.

2. Know that Intensity is relative.

The intensity of your workout should be scaled for what you’re ready for today. Each session at Ritual has three different levels, depending on each individual’s fitness levels and current condition.

Positive change begins with the right mindset. Instead of focusing on pushing yourself to the extreme each time you walk into the gym, pay attention to doing it right instead, and improve marginally day by day. One good pushup is better than 10 sucky ones.

3. Find a good coach who will help you find the right intensity safely

Ritual’s stable of world-class trainers will ensure you train with proper form and technique, reducing the risk of injury and providing better results.

In a fitness and wellness industry focused on chasing extreme goals and drastic quick-fixes, safety gets left on the backburner. Our coaches help refine your form and technique to maximize the work you are putting in at the gym.

4. Consistency is the key

Hitting new personal bests are certainly worth aiming for, but consistency is the key. Incorporate a fitness regime into your weekly routine while maintaining enough energy to get you through the rest of the day in optimal condition.


Be Brave,

The Ritual Team