Let me start by saying how truly lazy I am. I can create an excuse to get out of doing anything and would happily spend all day on the sofa eating chips, drinking whisky and watching tv.

With a stressful job (who in Singapore doesn’t have one of those!) and 2 young children it would be easy to use them as an excuse to say I don’t have time to go to the gym. Ritual has given me the opportunity to train in a way and within a time which conventional gyms can’t provide.

Ritual have removed all the usual excuses I would create; don’t have time, don’t know what I’m doing, don’t have my gym stuff, don’t have the motivation, don’t want to do the same boring routine.

I train 2 – 3 times a week at Ritual, usually during lunch and I can leave my desk and be back within an hour. If you find it hard to believe let’s start the clock, tick tock tick tock:

12.40 Leave my desk in Raffles Place, walk to Ritual

12.50 Arrive, get clothes and change

12.55 Stretch

1.00 Train with 1 or 2 professionals watching my form and spurring me on

1.20 Done! Stretch and get bespoke tips on performance

1.25 Shower and change

1.30 Grab a shake on the way out and walk back to the office

1.40 Back at my desk

Yes it sounds rushed, and yes it requires some effort, but the fact it only requires a few of my lunch hours means I still get my lazy life the other 165 hours a week.

Since I started Ritual I have lost 2″ in my waist, found muscles in places I didn’t know I had, appear taller and can now touch my toes.

These positive changes have come with only small adjustments over time to my diet, posture and behaviour as well as the afterburn effect Ritual’s HIIT programs provides.

I don’t fully understand the science behind it, although Ian and team have repeated told me (did I mention how lazy I am?) but HIIT definitely works and my overall fitness has increased exponentially.

Before I had Ritual in my life I swam lengths, lots and lots of lengths, and occasionally went to the gym and always put in a lack lustre performance because of my excuses and laziness. Nowadays whenever I am running around after my son I am now sprinting along with him encouraging him to keep active and doing the most important thing in my life, being a good example.