People come to Ritual for all kinds of reasons. Today we’ve got a great post by Vivian, who has been a member for almost 3 years now. Enjoy!



Ritual…How much do I love thee? Let me count the ways… 😉

Seriously though, anyone who follows me on social media will see my frequent posts about my sessions there. Why do I do this? Let me start from the beginning.

When I first met Ian and Brad, the founders of Ritual, I was actually going to the gym about two hours a day often up to 5 times a week in an attempt to lose all the post-baby fat that I gained. They said to me, “Boy, you must have a lot of time to spare!” when of course I didn’t. But I thought that was necessary, that it was the only way I could get back in shape.

At the beginning, frequent gym visits were good on a social level but it was definitely a huge time commitment. When I started at Ritual, I was definitely sceptical – how could 20 minutes equate to 2 hours of exercise? Very soon I found out how wrong I was and how in 20 minutes not only can you get a great workout, but work up a major sweat, too (I get asked this all the time).

Soon, going to Ritual became just that – a ritual. I knew that when I went there I would come out feeling good. I would see friendly faces. That first year at Ritual I was going through a lot of personal transitions and it was pretty difficult on many levels, but Ritual was one of the things that kept me sane. Not only did the exercise give me a positive attitude towards life, I made fantastic friends there. Despite my state of flux at the time I had a rock that I could go back to time and again and that was Ritual.

My life is a bit more settled now, but Ritual still provides me with plenty of benefits. Not only do I love to eat and drink, that is the actual industry I work in and as a consequence I need to constantly monitor my intake and activity levels. And as someone who doesn’t sleep much, Ritual is my “caffeine”; when I need an energy boost, I know where to go.

Finally, as the mama of two highly energetic small people, I need to stay healthy and strong. And that is definitely the case – I am so much stronger now than when I started (and I secretly chuckle when new members try to keep up with my weights and can’t…LOL!). Still need to work on my push-ups though…

Hoping to see you on the floor!