Everyone’s got their own version of busy, and Mark’s time is mostly spent making great music . In this post, he opens up about his struggles with health and fitness in the past, and what finally pushed him to make Ritual a part of his life. Enjoy!

Here’s my story about sweat.

My name is Mark Bonafide. I am a recording/performing artist, producer and songwriter. I love to sweat, but I hate sweating when I’m not supposed to sweat. But that’s a story for another day.

To start this story, let’s go back to 2006. By that time, I had already been performing for about 6 years. In this line of work, you can’t escape the photos – different angles, different scenarios… It’s just part of the job. You also can’t escape reality for long when you have to look at photos of yourself, and unfortunately, I remember looking at some new photos, thinking to myself, “WHAT?!”

Until I saw those photos, I didn’t know I needed to lose some serious weight. I did some self-reflection and realised that I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. For years, I guzzled so much alcohol and never cared about exercise.

I remember thinking: “I. NEED. TO. STOP.”

As I thought about it more, I realised that I was dealing with a lot of personal issues (like a bad breakup), and that I was seeking out things that would give me temporary happiness. Like having an upsized fast food meal with a side of 20 nuggets. Oh yeah, it felt good during, but once each meal ended, I was back to feeling miserable.

It was obvious that I needed to exercise. Of course, I procrastinated.

But at that time, I was gearing up to be a solo artist and to record my first solo album. I thought if I was going to run around onstage, have energy and be healthy, as a solo artist, it’s all on me. No one is going to be able to cover for me while I take a break during a show. I won’t get breaks. The spotlight will be on me. Everything, me.


“Ok, let’s do this.”

I embarked on my journey – go to the gym, swim, do a no-carb diet.

Fast forward a few months, I had lost 10kg and really tried to keep to it. But as the months went on, life got busier, and I felt like I couldn’t afford the time and didn’t have the patience to be fit.

Until Ritual came along.

I thought it was going to be like any other gym, but realised quickly that it is not at all like the other gyms. I tried it and I absolutely loved it.

I love the fact that you can stroll in a few minutes before your scheduled workout, without any gym gear to lug around with you because exercise clothing, exercise towels and shower towels are all provided. You literally just have to change your clothes, put your stuff in a locker, and walk onto the training floor for your 20-minute session.

When you’re there, the coaches really make it worth your while – they are always there to make sure you get the most out of your workout, no matter how you’re feeling, and they are all genuinely nice people.

By the way, when you’re done with the workout, the experience isn’t over. They’ve got these awesome spa-grade showers and other amenities (soap, shampoo, deodorant, hair dryers, hair products, etc – all provided) that help you walk out of the gym literally feeling brand new.

I think they call it Ritual because it’s something that you want to keep doing every day. They make it so easy for you to just give 30 minutes of your time. Show up, and they take care of the rest.

For me, it’s the gym where even lazy people can come in, get it done, and leave feeling better than they felt 30 minutes before.

I’m addicted to this ritual.

Be Brave,