Ed’s been a client for almost 2.5 years, and in this piece he talks about how Ritual has been a great life hack for him. Enjoy!


The way we look at energy has changed considerably over time; we now expect our technologies to last longer, recharge faster while being ever more mobile without damaging the battery life. We have grown so accustomed to such demands of power that it is baffling how these traits have not readily transitioned into the service offerings of the antiquated gyms.


Then came Ritual… its uncanny similarity to an efficient fast charger will leave you wondering why you were not introduced to this ‘technology’ much earlier. Effectively in less than thirty minutes you are able to fully recharge yourself while kicking in the afterburn that lasts for the next few days. In layman’s term, your metabolism stays jacked.



Working in the food and beverage industry where regular consumption is part of the job, this came as a rather impressive and much needed life hack. There were no more excuses for the lack of time or patience as every half an hour, there would be a class readily available with all the equipment and trainers guaranteed. What is most remarkable is how sustainable the individual exercises are. The attention to functional training means you can easily see yourself doing such movements well into your twilight years without incurring any injuries or ailments.



At the core, driving all Ritual’s extraordinary hardware and systems, are its people. From the well informed and motivated team to its positive and supportive members, it is hard not to get addicted to such camaraderie. So much so, that it may be time for fast charge technologies to take a leaf out of Ritual’s playbook.


Be Brave,

Ed Lee