Busy professional by day, DJ/Rockstar by night, our client Dave knows a thing or two about living a hectic lifestyle. In this guest blog, Dave talks about why Ritual works for him even though he doesn’t fit the mould of a typical ‘gym goer’. Enjoy!

It’s hard to explain to people why you would be addicted to going to a gym, especially for someone like me who has always been known to avoid them like the plague. I’d much rather do sport.

And then there’s Ritual. I was turned on to it about a year ago and was even though the first couple of weeks were quite brutal (you get used to it), I found myself wondering why I enjoyed coming back for more. Even when I’m busy or travelling a lot, I’ll squeeze a few sessions in.


Then I stepped back and it dawned on me that I was actually hooked on the Ritual community and culture more than anything else.


Yes, the amount of science that goes into their workouts is awesome, and it’s also great that it’s in and out in 30 minutes. But there’s a lot to be said about the environment and philosophy, and how important these things are in the context of health and fitness, especially because people sometimes need to make sacrifices to get results.


Ritual really has nailed these in such an elegant way – the people, the ethic, the approach to fitness and even the space itself all complement each other and make it such an inviting community to be a part of… which has finally really got me off my arse.


Oh, and the music rocks, too.


And I’m grateful. Cos’ I’m too old to skateboard anymore.


Be Brave,