Welcome to Bike Berry, the world’s largest motorized bike and scooter super store! If you’re looking for an efficient race machine, motorized bike kits, electric bikes and unicycles anywhere at the lowest prices Bike Berry might be the bike for you. They are able to offer the best possible prices because they are an factory direct, large volume retailer. Moreover, they also screen and audit all of our factory partners to ensure that the customers receive only the highest grade, test proven and best motorized bike products available.

Bike Berry continue to appeal to riders for their simplicity and for the infinite ways you can build them. Here’s what you need to know about these trusty bikes.

Bike Berry Overview

BikeBerry.com was established in 2007 which specializes in providing  the highest quality bicycles, bicycle engine kits, motorized bike kits, E-bikes and unicycles at the lowest price.  Bike Berry is a motorized bicycle dealer in California.to with the customer care team is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of the motorized bike industry.  Their customer care team always ready to help and advise you towards the products and strategy that best suits your needs. Give BikeBerry a call today and they’ll be happy to give you the run-down and education necessary to make an informed decisions.

You’ll find an abundance of exciting options to choose from at BikeBerry .com, and their checkout process is quick, safe, and secure. They alway guarantee that the customers receive only the highest grade, test proven and best bike products, anywhere.They’ve designed an online store where you can find all the best names in bicycles and motorized bikes, including Micargi Bicycles, Greenline Bicycles, Flying Horse Motors, BBR Tuning, Mega Motors Engines, Grubee and more at guaranteed low prices!

Immediately after ordering, you’ll get your item quickly, so you can enjoy it as soon as possible and they will offer free or low-cost shipping on nearly every item they stock. Enjoy safe, secure shopping. BikeBerry.com uses a safe and secure online ordering system that protects your privacy every step of the way.Call them or send their friendly team an email if you have any questions. Bike Berry‘re here to make help you every step of the way!

The things you would love at Bike Berry

Product Videos and Demonstrations

Watch their extensive library of specialty motorized bike videos. Here you’ll find How-To’s, Tips, Tricks & Parts Reviews.

Reviews and Test Lab

Here Bike Berry put the equipment to the test! With videos, comparison charts and expert insight, you’ll see the right product for you!

Advance Knowledge

Here you’ll find information on advance maintenance and troubleshooting techniques. Get the information you need to get your ride tuned and ready for race day here!

Bikeberry Bestsellers

Silver 66/80cc Bicycle Engine Kit

  • This Item: Silver 66/80cc Bicycle Engine Kit
  •  Bicycle Engine Kit Installation DVD $39.95
  •  CDI Electron Ignition Coil $16.95
  •  Stage I Performance CDI Electron Ignition Coil$26.95
  •  BBR Tuning Motorized Bike Jackshaft Kit$189.95
  •  3.5 Liter Black Gas Tank $32.95
  • Total Price $486.70

Sunlite Alloy Dual Brake Lever

Designed to provide comfort and versatility to your bicycle, the Sunlite Alloy Dual Brake Lever will revolutionize how you ride your bike. Featuring a dual pull design, this brake lever is able to operate both your front and rear brake system simultaneously. This is especially amazing for those who ride motorized bicycle engines as you it consolidates two brake levers into one system, allowing for ample room for a clutch lever. This brake lever also provides evenly distributed braking power, providing you with complete control over your brakes. So take the headache out of your brake system, and pick up the Sunlite Alloy Dual Brake Lever today.

Stage I Performance CDI Electron Ignition Coil

Looking for a CDI with a little punch? This Stage I Performance CDI Electroni Ignition Coil will replace your stock CDI and give better spark to your 48cc or 66/80cc 2-stroke bicycle engine kit. This ignition coil is equipped with an NGK spark plug cap and a performance spark plug wire, giving you less resistance and power loss than your stock CDI. If you’re getting less spark than before or just looking for a smoother ride, check out the Stage I Performance CDI Electron Ignition Coil and feel the performance!

BBR Tuning Billet Aluminium High Performance Cylinder Head 66/80cc

The BBR Tuning Billet Aluminium High Performance Head will give you performance without sacrificing style. Designed with billet aluminium , this head is made for performance engines as well as any non-performance engines. Built with a rounded and squared shape, this head cools your engine faster than standard heads while giving you 20-30% more power to your engine. This head might look small, but it packs a punch better than those round heads and most “ashtray” cylinder caps. If your engine wants more power, give it the BBR Tuning Billet Aluminium High Performance Head and you’ll feel a big difference when you hit the throttle.

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